I-Reflexes (2015)

An interactive performance of music, dance improvisation, and audience participation.

Artists: Paula Guzzanti (dance artist), Tristan Clutterbuck (sound artist), Martin Devek (composer)

(Duration 15 mins)

I-Reflexescaptures the improvisational interaction of three performers: a solo dancer, a musician, and a sonic artist. The audience also participates through the mediation of their mobile phones. As the choreographic improvisation and original music composition evolves and loops, the soundscape of improvisation created between the audience and the musicians’ interaction merges, thus proposing new dynamics of movement for the dancer. In this performance project, ringtones trigger unplanned, reflex-like movements in the body, suggesting alternate terms of decision-making within dance improvisation practice.

This video documents the first performance of the piece ‘I-Reflexes, performed in R-Space Gallery (Lisburn), in March 2016.
This video documents extracts of three consecutive performances of ‘I-Reflexes’, performed in the Meta-Body symposium hosted in Brunel University London, in April 2016.


  • Performing I-Reflexes ‘The JamJar Series’, Black Box, Belfast, May 2016.
  • Performing I-Reflexes at International Metabody Forum, Brunel University, London, April 2016.
  • Performing I-Reflexes as part of the Envisioning Weekend 2016, R-Space Gallery, Lisburn (Northern Ireland), March 2016.

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