Knowing the Dance (2017)

A process-based performance of poetry, dance, and music improvisation.

Artists: Paula Guzzanti (dance artist), Olive Broderick (poet), Martin Devek (composer)

(Duration: 45 minutes)

Knowing the Dance is a process-based performance exploring how dance and poetry can inhabit a shared creative space while honouring the individual practices of dance improvisation, poetry composition, with music improvisation contributing to this relationship. The performance was made of a three dance-poem sequence: Intertwine, Noose, and Weight/Dissolve.

This video documents the live performance of the collaborative project ‘Knowing the Dance’, performed in the Down Arts Centre, September 2017.
This video documents the fourth iteration of the dance-poems entitled ‘Noose’, which belongs to the full length show ‘Knowing the Dance (2017. This was performed in the Brian Friel Theatre, November 2017.
The Laugh in Noose


  • Brian Friel Theatre, Queen’s University Belfast, 17th November 2017.
  • Down Arts Centre, Downpatrick, 7th September 2017.
  • Work-in-progress sharing Dance House, Dublin, August 2017.
  • Performance presentation of Knowing the Dance, Evolving Fields Conference, Queen’s University Belfast, June 2017.
  • Noose, The Complex, Dublin, 31st October 2016.

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