Falling (2017)

An interactive performance of song, dance improvisation, and sonification of movement.

Artists: Paula Guzzanti (dance artist), Richard Davis (musician)

(Duration: 25 minutes)

Fallingis an interactive music and dance performance exploring the relationship between the embodied and disembodied voice though dance improvisation and the sonification of movement. Using off-the-shelf technology, the singing voice is deconstructed and mapped onto a dancing body, enabling the dancer to become a second voice —a digital echo of the musician’s live voice. The affective resonances produced through this improvised collaborative process extends the possibilities of performing the voice and choreographic improvisation. This performance invites audiences to experience the relationship between the body and the voice in new ways.F

Video Essay discussing the making of ‘Falling’ (2018).
Falling. Documentation of live performance at Sonorities Festival 2018 (April, 2017).
This video illustrates one way of folding layers of improvisation and performance with conversations about the performance-making process. This video was exhibited at the ‘Sharing Space’ Symposium hosted by ‘The School of Arts, English, and Languages’, Queen’s University Belfast, June 2018.


  • Universidad de Chile, Sala Pablo Neruda, El Metro de Chile, 29th April 2019 (upcoming).
  • Digital Echoes Symposium, Coventry University, April 2018.
  • Sonorities Festival 2018, Belfast, April 2019.

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