‘Silent Pact’ – performing affective traces

A dance and voice performance project investigating affect

Silent Pact evolves from re-visiting an intimate affective event. Back in 2015, I received a letter from my mother with a poem entitled Silent Pact. Her letter tells the story of having to keep me in secret, as she got pregnant three months before her wedding. I discovered my real birthday was three months earlier than the date I celebrated all my life. Three years later, I was commissioned to create a performance for the International Women’s Day in Belfast; the theme was women’s silenced voices. After considering various stories of women that were close to me, I remembered my mother’s letter. This intimate personal event became the driving force for creating Silent Pact.

My process

My choreographic process involves working through multiple iterations of movement improvisation, which I use for generating movement as well as structuring of the piece. From engaging with a multiplicity of past experiences, yet with a desire for allowing something new to emerge, I developed a practice of composing from layering and distilling movement material. I work with no set scores. After each round of improvisation, a distillation of movement ideas starts to happen; a kind of filtering with only some elements reappearing. New movement material starts to emerge.

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