Performance-as Conversation in ‘Falling’

In this video documenting my practice, I fold-in various layers of improvisational and performance materials that were part of the process of making and performing Falling – a performance of song and dance. This work evolved from a collaboration with Richard Davis (musician, PhD Sonic Arts in QUB).

In the conversations between myself and Richard, on the making of Falling, we came to the idea of considering the performance as part of the making process of the piece. We think of the performance as a conversation, in the way that any new iteration of the piece is a conversation with a new space, a new audience, as well as a new sensing-perceiving in our experience of the event.

In trying to expose our layering compositional approach, I produced a video where I juxtaposed moments performing Falling in Sonorities Festival (Belfast, April 2008) and in Digital Echoes Conference (Coventry, April 2008), and from our conversation archive.


Programme Notes on Falling

Falling is an interactive music and dance performance exploring the relationship between the embodied and disembodied voice of the musician though dance improvisation, and the sonification of movement. Using off-the-shelf technology, the singing voice is deconstructed and mapped onto a dancing body, enabling the dancer to become a second voice —a digital echo of the musician’s live voice. The affective resonances produced through this improvised collaborative process extends the possibilities of performing the voice and choreographic improvisation. This performance invites audiences to experience the relationship between the body and the voice in new ways.


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