In this improvisation I explored the affective experience of dancing using movement and voice improvisation, and the juxtaposition of both in video editing. Using the question: What quality of rhythm, speed, and effort do I feel in my movement impulses before I start dancing? I placed my attention in following the percussive qualities expressed in my movement. I held the impulse for movement until the quality of effort, speed and rhythm became strong enough to provoke me to move. Only then I released the impulse into motion. Then I improvised spoken word from the experience of dancing, as if words were a continuation of the dance.

Departing from the more abstract expression (in this case movement), the live narration of spoken word brought the affective experience of dancing to the realm of poetic language. I worked with the meaning of words as well as with the more prosaic qualities of spoken language, such as repetition and musicality. As an experiment, I overlapped the recoding of the spoken word to the movement, resulting in a performative effect where both the meaning and the performative qualities of speech heightens the rhythmic qualities of the movement expression.